Pollution Essay in English for School Kids & Children

Pollution Essay

Pollution Essay In English


Pollution is the most commonly heard word nowadays. Pollution is caused by pollutants which contaminate the environment and have an adverse effect on the environment, disturbing the ecological balance of the earth.

Environmental pollution leads to global warming and many climate changes, thus disturbing the overall health of the environment. Pollution leads to mixing of many harmful poisonous material mixing into the water and air on earth and leading to destruction of living life.

It is mainly caused due to human activities such as industrialisation, vehicle emission, burning of wood, fossil fuel etc and the remains mixing with water or air.

Pollution is a major environmental issue and is hazardous to the health of all the living beings. It is the reason for lot of diseases and abnormalities in humans and animals. Plants and trees are no exception, and they are equal victims of this pollution.

Pollution in environment is leading to depletion of all the natural resources making it difficult for survival of all the species on earth.

Pollution is of different types such as

  • air pollution
  • water pollution
  • noise pollution and many more.

Air pollution is caused by mainly industrial smoke, vehicle emission, burning of fossil fuels, burning of garbage or any other material such as plastic etc.

The reason air pollution is increasing day by day is deforestation. Trees absorb all the harmful chemicals and gasses, and gives us pure air.

But deforestation is leading to all the harmful gasses remain in the environment, thus polluting the air quality. Water pollution is due to dumping of garbage or industrial waste into water bodies such as lakes, oceans or even small ponds.

This dumping leads to deterioration of water quality, thus giving us polluted water, which is impossible to consume and utilize it for other activities such as irrigation, household activities, etc.


Noise pollution is again due to increase in vehicles, industries, honking or other things which produce huge noise.

There are other types of pollution such as soil pollution caused by various chemicals, industrial waste, garbage etc dumped into the soil. This diminishes the quality and fertility in soil affecting growth of plants and health of humans.

Light pollution is another type of pollution caused excess illumination at some areas, artificial lights affects the animals, insects and many other species.

With the development in technology and advancements in various fields, the issue of pollution is increasing at a rapid rate. Pollution is being caused due to many reasons and it is becoming impossible to stop it.

The increase in pollution is effecting flora and fauna in a very bad way. Many species are not able to cope up with the pollutants and are dying. Even human health is being effected due to pollution.

Air pollution is leading to many breathing problems, sinusitis, asthma, lung infections, etc. Water pollution is leading to scarcity of good quality of water and health issues such as indigestion, stomach infections, etc.

It is affecting everyone physically and mentally. It is leading to many other problems globally. Decrease in plants and trees, and forest areas is leading to use of carbon dioxide which causes climate changes and increase in temperatures.

This also leads to many poisonous gases and chemicals into the air resulting in acid rains. There is a dearth of drinking water, and a good quality and pure air to breathe.

It is high time that everyone should come forward to control the pollution and its effects on lives of all living species.

We should try to implement conservation strategies and sustainable development.

Planting more trees, limiting deforestation as much as possible, less use of vehicles or checking the smoke levels of vehicles, carpooling use of public transport.

Limited use of fertilisers and chemicals, avoiding plastic and dumping of plastic or other non biodegradable substances in water or on surface of earth.

Conserving and limiting wastage of water, conserving lakes and oceans, and other water bodies are some of the steps to be taken by everyone to prevent pollution.

Government and other agencies should try to spread awareness aiming public about the effects of pollution.

Strict laws should be implemented to protect our environment and polluting it in any way should be punishable offense.

Only then it is possible to protect our ecological system from getting polluted and make our planet a better place to live in.


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