Essay & Paragraph on International Yoga Day in English for School Kids & Children

Essay & Paragraph on International Yoga Day


International Yoga Day started from the year 2015. It was Prime minister Narendra Modi, who proposed this day at the United Nations in 2014. It was started with the idea of a spreading awareness about Yoga and benefits on the lives of human beings. Many countries and prominent personalities all over the world participated on this day with great enthusiasm.


International Yoga Day


The proposal of International Yoga day was supported by 170 countries across the world. Yoga is an ancient art originated in India thousands of years ago. It is our heritage. Practicing Yoga leads to a healthy life, it makes a balance of mind, body and soul.

It is more than burning calories and toning muscles, it is a workout where stretching poses along with breathing techniques relax one’s mind and body. There are many forms of yoga. Exercise takes care of body, while yoga is an approach for body and mind. Practicing yoga daily in the morning helps you rejuvenate your body, get relief from stress and concentrate on your work more efficiently. It also helps in improving postures, gain flexibility and improve memory.

Celebrating International Yoga Day is an idea to make people all over the world aware of the benefits of this ancient technique. This day is celebrated all over the world including countries like China, USA.

Activities such as Yoga Camps, competitions etc are organised. Yoga is practice which would not only reduce stress and maintain a balance but also prevent you from many diseases. There are many types of Yoga with different “asanas”, which help in proper functioning of body and mind. It is also a beneficial strengthening the global bonds among the countries and make people aware of India rich heritage and culture. Thousands of people participate in this occasion.

There are many benefits of yoga, such as mind and body coordination, relaxation, stress free life, a healthy life style, reduce the diseases, discipline, promote better mental and physical health. Yoga not teaches physical and mental techniques but also guides us with our diet and how we can control it and its benefits. Practicing Yoga helps you feel fresh throughout the day, which in turn will help you concentrate better and perform best in your tasks. Yoga can be practiced by anyone at any age. Even pregnant women practice yoga to gains its benefits.


Conclusion on Essay & Paragraph on International Day


To gain the benefits of yoga one must be very regular and punctual in practicing it. This helps in developing self discipline and self awareness. Benefits of yoga cannot be counted. International Yoga day brings everyone together to make them know the advantages of practicing yoga in their daily lives. Also encourages them to get the benefits of this amazing technique by regular practice.

Yoga is also a way of connecting to nature. All the members of United nations, government organizations, NGOs come together to celebrate and participate in this day. Many countries have adopted this technique and have started practicing yoga in their daily life. There are camps and classes held at many of the foreign countries. Even some schools have stared this practice for their students. It is matter of proud for Indians that we are able to share our rich heritage of yoga with everyone around the world through this day, and let everyone reap the benefits of Yoga.

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