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Essay Independence Day of India


Independence Day of India is celebrated on 15th of August every year. It was on this day India got its Independence from British, who ruled our country for 200 years, in the year 1947, after many struggles and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

It was on this day, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime minister of India unfurled our national flag at the Red Fort for the first time. This day is celebrate to remind ourselves of all the sacrifices made by all the people who fought for freedom and to celebrate victory of independence.


Essay Independence Day Celebrations


Independence day celebrations are held with great zeal and enthusiasm all over the country. Each and every citizen of India, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion participate in the celebrations. All major offices, schools. colleges are decorated with national flags. Even the roads and shops are decorated and illuminated with in tri color symbolizing our flag.National anthem is sung everywhere.

At Rajpath in Delhi it is celebrated in a grand way. Prime Minister hoists the National Flag, gives a speech remembering all our freedom fighters  which is followed by a march past by military and army.

Awards are being distributed to Army, military and air force people. Many foreign ambassadors and dignitaries also participate in these events. Pigeons are released free to mark the significance of independence and celebrate the spirit of freedom.


Essay Independence Day Celebrations in Schools


All schools remained closed on this day, but Independence Day celebrations in schools are held with great enthusiasm and dedication. The principal of the school or chief guest is invited for hoisting the flag and give speech about importance of this day and by paying homage and tributes to our freedom fighters Many cultural activities such as singing and dance competitions, skits, painting or essay writing competitions are held. Some schools conduct march past which is done by students.

Students are made aware of the importance of freedom and how they should be proud of their country and its heritage, and how they should maintain peace and brotherhood. And inspire the next generation to serve the nation and make India proud. Sweets and chocolates are distributed to everyone. Some students come dressed up as freedom fighters which is treat to watch.

All the colleges and many offices also celebrate this day by hoisting the flag conducting various events and activities in their premises. People turn up in ethnic dresses signifying he culture of India or in Tri-color dresses, which symbolizes the national flag. All the street s are decorated with flags and National anthem and other patriotic songs are played everywhere.


Conclusion on Essay on Independence Day


This day is day of patriotism and happiness. On this day we remember how India got its Independence from the clutches of British government and how it became a free country with its own government. It reminds every one of the formation of an independent nation. It is a day to remember all those people who fought for the nation and sacrificed their lives for the well being and freedom of the nation.

Since independence our country has achieved a lot and has developed in many areas, but there is still a lot to be done and achieved. It is our duty to stand up to their expectations fulfill their dreams of an developed and successful country with peace and harmony.


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