Essay on I Love My Family

Essay on I Love My Family in English


Family is the most simple and important word for any human being. Family plays a very important role for any person. A family is made up of parents, siblings, grandparents etc. It’s the family that teaches us to live together, sharing and caring for each other.

No one in this world can survive alone, everyone needs a family to talk to and share everything with them, a person needs someone beside them with whom they can share all good and bad, support them in good and bad times. A family supports you, educates you, encourages you to do many things in life and become a successful person.

You can be successful without family too, but then, there wont be anyone to share the success with. You may be having lots of friends, but eventually friends become busy in their lives and many of leave you as the time passes, but its only family which always stands by you.

I love my family a lot, and they are very precious and important part of my life, my family consists of five members, we all are very happy and joyful family. We share everything with each other and help each other in necessity. Sometimes we fight with each other and get angry, but later we apologize for our mistakes and at the end of the day we all are again together.

We cannot stay without talking to each for even a single day, even if there are any differences we solve it on the same day and stay happily, there aren’t any grudges between us. There is no competition between us, we all are happy in each others success and sad in each others failures. Each one of us is always there when anyone of us need anything and try to help them in any way possible.

There are many small parties and get together which happen in our families and we just enjoy each and every moment with great enthusiasm. We celebrate all birthdays, festivals together and see to it that no one is ever missing any occasion at any point of time, and everyone is happy.

There are small in house parties which we organize just to refresh ourselves, and have some time with each other taking some time from our busy schedules. We make it a point that we all have our dinner together and talk about all the things that happened all day long, share each and everyone’s experiences, crack jokes and end the day on happy note.

This is also a mandatory ritual on weekends, every weekend we try to spend as much time possible with each other, we go out for shopping or movies or just hang out somewhere together. During holidays we  go out to some places and spend our vacation in a very joyful way, we play games have bonfires. Sometimes our relatives join us and it is really fun to enjoy together.

My family has taught me many things, it is because of my family I know how to care for others, to be passionate, share with others and importance of relationships in life and how it is important to maintain a good relationship with everyone around us. It has taught me importance of being together one.

Encouraged me to do many things in life and be successful in whatever I am doing. It has lifted me whenever I fell down and has taught me to stand up again and try until I succeed. My family has taught me that in life to become successful you always should be polite and good mannered.

You cannot do everything alone in your life, you will need some body’s help in some way or other, so always be good to others and they will help you in what ever way they can. My family is very sweet and lovely and i cannot even imagine my life without them and their affection. It is the most important thing in my life and i can do anything for my family and keep them happy and make them proud.

It is the best time which we spend together, in the present times we see many people becoming busy with their lives that they dont have time for their own immediate family, there s no sibling way as it used to be before, siblings do not play or share much with each other, they compete with each other. All this is not right, parents should encourage their children to be together and share with each other.

It is only a family that makes a person a good and loved human being. It is important to have a good understanding among family members and there should not be nay quarrels or arguments between them, even if there are nay they should solve them. Many people dont have have a family and feel very lonely and depressed. People who have family are very lucky and they should always try to maintain the relationships life long and be happy with each other, even if there are any differences one should try to solve them and come together again.

This will give a good example to coming generations too. It is blessing to have a family and it is our duty to maintain the family relationships.

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