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Gandhi Jayanthi Essay & Paragraph in English



Gandhi Jayanthi Essay & Paragraph


Gandhi Jayanthi, one the most important national festival of India. It marks the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and falls on 2nd of October every year. He is known as Father of the Nation or fondly called as “Baapu”. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, born on 2nd October’ 1869, Porbandar, Gujarat.

He was a very shy and quiet person. After completing his education in Law from London and practice in South Africa, he moved to India, and was very disturbed by the looking at the situation of peasants and farmers. This led him to fight against British Rule. He led various protests and marches to raise his voice against British and awaken the country.

His struggle and hard work for making India an independent country is unforgettable. He worked for attaining “Swaraj” and removed many other social practices like un-touchability, abolition of social evils, empowering women rights, improving conditions of farmers, laborers.

He also conducted many movements, like Dandi March or Salt Satyagraha against Tax on Salt in 1930, Quit India Movement in 1942, it was a call to British to leave the country. He even started boycott of foreign products, and started “Khadi”, which is a hand-spun cloth to be worn by all the Indians instead of British textiles. He achieved and implemented all these with Non-violence and truth, which were his greatest weapons throughout his life and struggle towards British empire.


Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations Essay & Paragraph


Gandhi Jayanthi is celebrated across India every year, with great respect by paying homage to one of the greatest leaders of the country. All schools, colleges and offices remain closed on this day. Many social gatherings are organized where speeches are delivered. All the politicians and ministers gather at Rajghat Delhi and pay their homage to Gandhiji, and sing sacred hymns. Sale of alcohol is banned on this day as Gandhiji was against liquor, some organizations arrange exhibitions which display the life of Gandhiji. Educational Institutions pay their homage by lighting lamp in front of his photo and offering flowers and garlands and by maintaining silence for two minutes to remember him. Some schools organize cultural events and dramas which depict the life of Gandhiji, small kids dress up as Gandhi and portray his beliefs and principles.


Conclusion on Essay & Paragraph on Gandhi Jayanti


Gandhiji was jailed many times during this period but this did not led him change his mind towards British Government. Gandhiji was a man of principles, practices and beliefs. He was against meat, liquior. He was married to Kasturba Gandhi who also accompanied him in his fight against the British. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30th’ 1948 by Nathuram Godse.

He shot him three times on his chest, Gandhiji collapsed chanting “Hey raam”. This bought whole country to tears, thousands of people gathered on his funeral. Gandhiji’s  death changed the political situation of country and Pt. Jahwaharlal Nehru became his political heir. He influenced whole country, through his words and actions, many people started following him during his struggle for independence. He had many followers and admirers from other countries too. Gandhiji’ wrote his autobiography ” My experiments with Truth”, he wrote many other books and articles.


Gandhi Jayanthi is a day to remember the greatest political leader ever and follow his footsteps and make India a successful country which he dreamed about.

The aim of celebrating this day is to make younger generation understand the value of peace and truth and to reminisce about his philosophies and principles.

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