Essay & Paragraph on Forest

Essay & Paragraph on Forest


Forest is a huge land area, comprising of trees, shrubs, wildlife, birds, rivers, water streams etc. It supplies human beings with different varieties of wood, timber, wood pulp for making paper, and raw material for many other useful and daily use things. Forests are useful in regulating atmosphere temperatures, rains, preventing soil erosion, control floods. Forests form an important form of ecological system.

Preserving forests has become need of the hour and there are any NGOs and government organizations who are working seriously on this issue. Deforestation has become a major issue and it has to be solved as soon as possible. In olden days people relied on plants and trees in different ways, for cooking, making houses, clothes, as a means of livelihood, in the form of selling barks of trees or making products like furniture, toys, vessels etc and selling them.

Forests were hunting grounds for people who love hunting and an escape for enemy attacks. Forests are a beautiful place one can see different varieties of plants and trees, animals birds and learn a lot about nature, biology, history and survival of mankind and other species in early days. There are different varieties of forests based on their age, species present in them, ecosystem, temperatures etc.

Forests are helpful for all the living beings in some or the other way, directly or indirectly. For example, if we notice,  rainfall is high in areas where the land is surrounded by forests and trees, the place is cool and pleasant there. Water is in found in plenty in the area of forests as the trees cause less water evaporation due their shade, thus controlling the climate. The trees prevent high winds and soil erosion resulting in protecting crops.

Forests are home for numerous animals and birds. They not only provide a habitat for these animals but also provide them with food supply. These forests have thousands of trees which are useful for human life in many ways, the trees can be used to make furniture, paper and other items of daily use or luxury. Apart from this forests form means of livelihood for number of people, they provide employment opportunities for many people directly or indirectly, either through conservation of forests or by utilizing, manufacturing and selling or reselling the products which are present in the forests and reproduce and sell them.

According to experts huge area of land should be under forests as they help environment keep clean and organised. They help in rains, stopping pollution, fighting climate changes etc. There fore forests play a major role in our lives. Nowadays due to expanding population we can see many forest are being cut down at a rapid rate, and many trees are being chopped off, which is a wrong step.

Public and government organisations should plan the expansion of housing and commercial buildings in such a way that the trees are not harmed. Apart from these many plants in and trees have medicinal values, which were used by people in olden days, thus helping them to live a healthy and longer life.

But now all we can see are artificial medicines and herbs. If we protect our forest resources it will give us back and will be helpful in numerous ways. Due to deforestation many animals are losing their home and food, this will slowly lead their breed to extinguish and die due to non availability of proper shelter. One can see how forests are useful for mankind in direct and indirect ways.

We use chairs and tables and other form of furniture daily, paper is utilized in numerous ways, need different varieties of medicines etc. all these come from forests. Therefore, we all must stand in protecting our forests and help future generation and ourselves to reap the benefits of  this amazing creation by God. Harming a natural resource is very bad and dangerous step for survival of mankind.

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