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Essay on Forest Conservation in English


Forest is a huge area of land, which includes numerous trees, shrubs, wildlife, birds, rivers, water streams etc. It supplies human beings with different varieties of raw material for many other useful and daily use things in addition it also a source of supply of wood, timber, wood pulp for making paper, furniture etc.

Forests are useful in regulating atmosphere temperatures, rains, preventing soil erosion, control floods. Forests are an important form of ecological system, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. regulate climate and water scarcity. Forests are home for many wildlife and supply all the medicinal herbs and plants, they are also a livelihood for many people directly or indirectly, by manufacturing the products made from woods or just selling the wood in some or the other way.

In the present era, we can see many trees are being cut down, resulting in deforestation, due to expanding population, rising demand for paper, timber wood, in addition to this, industrialization, urbanization, infrastructural facilities like electricity, roadways, railways.

While providing facilities is a good thing, but they should not create any hindrances for any natural resources, but we can notice that all these infrastructural facilities and housing have lead to cutting of trees for expansion and other projects. This is very dangerous and may lead to many hazards such as soil erosion, floods, scarcity of water, climatic changes and global warming. Deforestation is a serious issue and needs to be solved with immediate effect before its too late.

Many steps have been taken to promote conservation of forests but they are not being implemented in a right manner or are delayed due other issues. This is resulting in continuation of the issue rather than solving it in any way.

Expansion of city limits and population are the major concern, people need to provide with housing and infrastructure and this leads to cutting of trees. But by taking right steps and decisions this can be stopped or be done withing some limits which may save some part of forests of trees.

There have been many movements in many parts of India supporting forests conservation, the most famous being “Chipko Movement”, meaning Hugging the trees, whichever supporters both men and women hugged trees stopping them from cutting down.

This movement gave a new face to forest conservation and many people all over southern India supported it, giving a face to conservation of trees at the time when environmental issues were at peak, also there were not many environmental movements going on around the world.

This was a kind of Non violent protest and the whole world took notice of that helping many Eco groups. While these movements and steps are becoming apart increasing the awareness among general public, still the consequences are not visible and it is high time that official start looking into the matter and take necessary action before it becomes an solvable and very serious issue.

Protecting trees is necessary for us and coming generations in different ways and will help restore the different aspects of life, including human and wildlife. Our mission should e to protect the forests which will lead to a beautiful and peaceful survival. Although many other facilities are being provided in terms of housing and infrastructure, but people are not realizing the long term loss which will be caused by cutting down the trees.

Its not only environmental or climatic challenges which we will be facing, but also many livelihood, habitat, food and villages are at stake. Deforestation and cutting of trees cannot be stopped completely, but its should be done in such a way that ecological imbalance does nit occur and it does not cause any disturbance to any life. 

Everyone should pledge to plant a tree at every occasion or at-least for a certain occasion which will grow and we can reap its benefits, this is possible by planned and regulated cutting. Utilizing forests as a Tourist spot or national park is also one of the effective methods of yielding benefits of forests.

There have been many research centers and training institutes set up in our country which deal with forest conversations. These steps will certainly help in protecting the most amazing natural resource gifted by God, but it requires a united effort from each and everyone all over the world, then this will be success.


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