Essay on Effects of Global Warming in English

global warming effects essay


global warming effects essay


Global warming is a serious environmental issue these days. Earth’s temperature is rising day by day and global warming means a gradual increase of earth’s surface temperatures by trapping heat from the sun and rise in the level of carbon dioxide and green house gasses.

The rise in carbon dioxide levels is due to burning of fossil fuels, deforestation etc. The increase in temperature levels lead to various problems like the melting of glaciers, rise in sea levels, drought etc. Global warming is becoming a serious issue as it will destroy the life on earth slowly.

The gradual increase in earth’s temperature calls for a serious threat and makes it difficult for existence of life on the planet. Global warming is not confined to a specific place or country, but it is a worldwide issue and everyone has to solve it, before it becomes too late.


Causes of Global Warming

There are many causes of global warming. The causes can be divided as natural causes and human made causes.

When we look at the natural cause. As the rotation of sun changes, the intensity of sunlight and moves closer to earth, green house gasses trap the sun rays and prevent them from escaping the earth’s surface causing more heat.

Another reason for global warming is volcanic eruptions, which release ash and carbon dioxide to atmosphere, decomposition of organic materials, depletion of ozone layer are some of the natural causes.

If we look at the human made cause they are deforestation, pollution, industrial waste and burning of fossil fuels, mining etc. All these human activities lead to increase in levels of carbon dioxide in atmosphere and many other harmful gasses, which lead to rise in temperatures.


Effects of Global Warming Essay

There are many effects of global warming which are very serious and life threatening. These include, melting of polar ice caps, warmer temperatures, fluctuations in temperatures, rise in sea levels, increase in natural storms.

There is a very serious thereat to many living species on earth’s surface. Already many species are becoming extinct as they are not able to adapt to the changing temperatures of earth’s surface.

There are rains without season, droughts, occurrence of storms, which is diminishing the life on this planet. Global warming is the cause for many natural disasters and tremendous heat. This changing weather patterns is causing lot of health problems and even many economic problems are arising due to this changing patterns.

The increasing temperatures are leading to dry state and droughts, which is effecting agriculture and food supply. Oxygen levels at oceans is decreasing resulting in decrease in aquatic life, water resources are depleting, there are many natural disasters like tsunami, hurricanes which cause loss of life and material to a large extent.

Global warming is becoming a life threatening issue on this planet. In order to stop this we need to take a serious action against all the activities which cause global warming. Due to our negligence and selfishness we are disturbing the natural process of life cycle and all the living beings.

Many NGOs, government agencies are conducting awareness programs to tackle the issue and find a solution for this problem. There are certain issues which cannot be returned like melting of ice caps, damage caused by floods droughts, etc. But we should not get back and try our best to reduce the effects of this global warming, so that such things do not happen or at least get reduced in the future.

We cannot do anything about the natural cause, but at least we should try to reduce the effects of human causes, by reducing pollution deforestation etc. Limiting burning of coal and fuel, using nonrenewable sources of energy are some of the steps which can help in tackling global warming issue.

Everyone should pledge to plant more trees which will help us in having a pure environment. It is in our hands to protect our planet and live in a peaceful and pleasant environment without any disasters and ill effects.


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