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essay on computer in english for children

Computer Essay


A device which can be or is instructed to carry out programmes or sequences of logical or arithmetic problems and operations is called as a computer. The modern technology nowadays, enables a computer to follow programs which are a generalised set of operations.

Nowadays, computer can perform or program wide range of tasks. A number of consumer and industrial devices uses the technology of the computer as control systems. Devices like industrial robots, remote controls, smart phones, microwave ovens – all use the basic knowledge of computer. Here you are going to read an essay on computer. The computers of the early times were only used for calculation purposes.

The first calculating device or machine was developed during the world war II. From that time, the power, versatility and the speed of the computers have been increasing, making it more user friendly. Before the invention of the computers, abacus was used for the long and tedious calculations. Today’s modern day computer contains a CPU (Central Processing Unit) which is a processing element with some form of memory. This element has the ability of carrying out logical and arithmetic operations.

A control and a sequencing unit is able to change the order of the performed operations which are the responses to the information that is stored. Computer also consist of the devices which are able to retrieve the information from any external source. These devices are called as peripheral devices. These devices includes the output devices like the printers, monitor screens etc, input devices like the mouse, joystick, keyboard etc and output/input devices like the 2000s – era touchscreen (they perform both the functions).


Importance of Computers ( Essay )


In today’s world, life is incomplete without the basic technology of the computers. It is impossible to live without a computer. Individuals of every age uses a computer on every day basis. It is most commonly used in the business fields and is very important for their sector.

Computers are highly important because they have provided improved productivity and efficiency to the work done. The servers are used to store information which can be either personal or industrial or from business sectors. The computers in the business sector make the staff and the workers more productive and efficient in their work. It also saves the time- in which work is being done.

In schools the availability of the computers help the student in learning in a better way as the videos and the audios make the basic concepts more clearer. In higher educational institutes, it helps the researchers and the professors to do their work in a better and an efficient way.

It also saves their time by aiding them to finish their work fast. In this way they can share their knowledge with maximum number of people. Computers have become a vital gadget in productive areas and sectors like departmental stores, railways, electricity, banking, telephone departments etc. All the public or private administrative systems and industries use computer.


Uses of Computer


Uses of the computer at work place:

  • It is used to make spreadsheets or excel sheets
  • It aids in making power point presentations.
  • Helps in sending emails
  • Can be used to edit photos or videos. Videos can be encoded or rendered also
  • Audio recording can also be done
  • Managing the systems
  • Processing the Word
  • Uses of the computer at home:
  • For surfing the internet
  • For entertainment purposes like watching movies/videos, listening music, playing games etc.
  • For communicating with other through social networking sites
  • For heavy calculations
  • For saving and storing any kind of information
  • For educational purposes

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