Essay on Climate Essay & Paragraph

Climate Change Essay & Paragraph

Introduction on Climate Changes Essay & Paragraph


Climate change can be described as change in earth’s climate, temperature and precipitation over a period of time in a particular region.

Climate change is a rising issue these days and is threatening our environment. It has been observed that our climatic conditions have been changing at a drastic rate. Although the climate change is a regular phenomenon, but it can be seen that there has been tremendous changes in climatic conditions in recent years.

It has been observed that climate is becoming more warmer than cooler. It includes severe weather, excess of rain or heat waves. The increase in level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere has led to climate change on earth.

Climate change has lot of negative effect on lives of human beings and many other living beings across the globe and leads to undesirable losses. The changes in climate leads to lack of food and water resources, animal migration ad many health problems. Number of animals and plants have gone extinct due to these climate changes as they cannot survive in extreme conditions.


Causes of Climate Changes Essay & Paragraph


There have been many causes which has led to climate change in past decades. Some of them can be listed as:

  1. Human activities such as deforestation, use of non-renewable sources of energy, burning of fossil fuels. Process of carbon emissions by human, use of vehicles, burning of industrial waste has made tremendous impact on climate.
  2. Misuse of water bodies and polluting the water bodies : Many lakes and ponds have been cut down to make space for construction activities, which has led to water scarcity and effected water cycle.
  3. Changes in solar intensity and solar radiations has led impact on global climate.
  4. Other factors such as volcanic eruption, orbital variation, changes in earth’s axis.


Effects of Climate Changes Essay & Paragraph


There have been negative of climate changes, it is not only leading to drastic change in temperature but also has a serious impact on environment and all living beings. Here are some of the effects of climate changes.

  1. Effects on forests, several trees and plants are not able to withstand the change in climatic conditions and are becoming extinct.
  2. Many water bodies are drying up due to the climate changes. The rainfall has become very unpredictable leading to droughts and floods.
  3. Melting of glaciers is also another major issue.
  4. Wildlife and many other animals are highly effected due to climate changes. May animals could not cope up with the climate changes and are on verge of extinction.
  5. There have been huge economic losses due to these climatic changes. As a result of floods droughts etc, the weather and temperatures have become very inconsistent. There has been negative impact on agriculture and cultivation.


Conclusion on Climate Change Essay:


Climate change also known as global warming is an alarming issue and should be taken seriously, human activities which has lead to this threat need to be stopped or controlled as this has effected the earth’s biodiversity to a great extent.

There have been many natural forces too which has lead to climate changes. As the climate changes cannot be controlled, human activities have to be minimised.

Activities that has led to pollution, or destruction of natural sources should be stopped.

As the effects of climate changes are going to be devastating on human society, extreme weather conditions, droughts, heat have a very negative impact on human health.

Conserving natural resources like forests, water and air is the need of the hour, power consumption should also be minimised to reduce the effects of climate change.

Each of us should contribute and strive to control this global issue and save our planet earth.

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